Saturday, 28 April 2012

Crazy For Ikat

Ikat has been on the design scene now for a few years,and I'm pretty confident that it's one to stay.

I remember seeing it for the first time,on an episode of HGTV with Lynda Reeve's,she was introducing the trend and was showing us pillows she had purchased to put in her office. That's when it hit me,I was crazy for this ethnic trend.

Ikat meaning "to tie" or "to bind" is a style of weaving,and it differs in pattern depending on the region it comes from. These patterns are handed down through the generations of family,making it all that much more charming to own a piece.

I see it everywhere from fabric on chairs,pillows,ottomans to carpets,wallpaper,dishes and more recent, tile. Wherever I see it one thing remains,it's always the star in the room,and one I'm sure I will never tire of looking at.

Enjoy the feast for the eyes!


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