Thursday, 17 May 2012


Ever since I was young I loved design. I fondly remember pouring over magazines dreaming of the day I could design my own home. Since that day,I have built 4 homes alongside my husband as well as designed and consulted on countless others.

It wasn't until about 6 months ago that I had finally realized that I needed to stop playing down my abilities as a designer, and start accepting myself for what I had worked so hard to accomplish over the years. This all came about because of 5 amazing women I have the privilege of working with,who have given me the insight and courage to see myself in the proper light.So why then did it take me so long to accept myself as a designer?

1) "Designer," in my books has long been a misused as well as misrepresented term.
 To blame,in my opinion anyways, is the huge influx in recent years of DIY shows on television. Suddenly if you helped your neighbor move their couch to another wall you earned the title "Designer". Frankly, I was not about to lump myself and my capabilities with everyone else and their neighbor who is now a "Designer".

2) I have never felt that I fit the profile.
 You wont see me pulling up in my BMW(although I would kill to have one) dressed head to toe in Prada,with my side kick "Buffy" taking notes and measurements for me. Chances are when we do meet for the first time,I have probably come from one of the other 3 jobs I have, dressed nothing I can assure you,like a walking advertisement for Holt Renfrew.

3) I have never had formal schooling.
 Nope, that's right folks I was just born with good taste (props to my mom),and 16 years of experience, working alongside someone who has fed me a wealth of knowledge. I have no objections to school,but for me it just didn't fit into my timing.

So what have I taken away from all of this? That just because I don't have a office overlooking Central Park,or my own reality design show,doesn't make me any less talented then those that do. You see designers come in all forms with a list of credentials to follow,that's why it is your job as the client to pick the designer that's right for you.(And there are plenty to choose from.)

I recently came across my goals for 2012,and the one that stands out the most for me is... To not be afraid to call myself a designer.So here it goes...... Hi my name is Dawna Jones, I'm an Interior Designer, pleased to meet you!
Yeah I did it!!!!!!!

FYI, there are many self taught designers like myself ,that have enjoyed great success. Here are a few that I admire and some pics of their work.

Sarah Richardson.

Vicente Wolf.

James Huniford

Nate Berkus

The list goes on, but there is not enough room for them all.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Dawna. Happy to see you're "coming out" as the great designer that all of us know you truly are. Great things are in store for you!

  2. Thank you Bryonna, you have been a tremendous support and I thank you for that!

  3. Hey Dawna, Yes... you are a designer and a pretty awesome one too! It's time the rest of the world got to see what you are capable of.