Friday, 11 May 2012

A Grand Front Entrance!!!!!

How important is the front entrance in your home,to you?

No matter what style of home I have built over the years, the front of my home has always been the most important to me. It's where the first impression is made, and therefore should be a warm and welcoming one.

 How can this be accomplished?

#1 The front door!....
Spend a good portion of your budget on the front door. To me it's the deal maker or breaker, so make it impressive.

#2 Paint the front door a great color!.....
If you can't afford an expensive door then why not paint the one you have a great color.Whatever color you choose make sure it's something entirely different then any other color on the exterior,this way it will really pop! (Unless of course you opt for wood)

#3 Beautiful lighting!......
Make sure you take your time to find something special and well suited to the style of your home.
Try putting these lights on dimmers, it offers a nice ambiance when people are arriving at your home at night. If you happen to have a large covered entrance, think about a outdoor chandelier,it's a beautiful look that's sure to get you the compliments!

#4 How about a mat or a beautiful outdoor carpet......
It offers a welcoming feel, and is a great way to bring in and inject some color or pattern

#5 Last but not least........
Greenery or flowers in beautiful pots. Why not choose something that has a beautiful shape or texture.

So there you go 5 easy ways to bring some pizzaz to your front entrance. Hopefully your first impression will be a lasting one.

Have a great weekend!

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