Monday, 7 May 2012

Heather Ross!!!!!!!

This past weekend I had the privilege of finally meeting Heather Ross in her beautiful store in Vancouver, "Heather Ross" [in house]
(The most beautiful Heather Ross herself!)

Heather's store is a feast for the eyes and a delight to the senses.The Atelier Gallery/ Boutique showcases Heather's art (which by the way is breath taking) hanging proudly above her one of a kind finds that are so beautifully displayed.
Meeting and talking to Heather made me feel as if I have known her my whole life. She is warm and gracious and her passion for what she does was clearly evident in our conversation.

I highly respect Heather. In a economy that see's everything massed produced,Heather has stayed true to who she is,not succumbing to the pressures of being tantamount or equal to other businesses around her,instead she pours her heart into the one of a kind pieces we come to her store to find.

Heather's affection for her possessions is evident in the stories that come with each piece,and that alone is what makes me so besot with this beautiful boutique. I will definitely be making this a regular stop from now on, and I hope that the next time your in Vancouver you will too!
P.S. Heather's getting ready for a buying trip to Italy!!!!!

Catch Heather at 1525 West 6th ave Vancouver B.C. She is open Tuesday-Saturday 11-5 or by appointment. You can also be come a fan of Heather's by liking her on Facebook ( and who wouldn't )
If you mention MAY PROMO the next time your in visiting Heather you will receive 20% off your purchase (in effect for the whole month of May) I strongly urge all of you to do so, you wont be disappointed, I promise.( The last 2 weeks of May, Heather will be open from 12-5)

Here is a little something I picked up for myself. I'm in love with the shape.
 Sometimes it's the smallest things that give you the most pleasure.
This is the equally beautiful box the vase came in!


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