Sunday, 20 May 2012

Inspiring Ikea!!!!

Last week I took a trip out to my local Ikea store to pick up a few needed things. Once again as always I'm amazed at what they have to offer! Have you checked out their outdoor collection for summer? Tables,chairs,loungers and couches all super stylish and all, once again reasonably priced.
Ammero $119.00

Ammero $169.00

Arholma $645.00


Falster $179.00

Hogsten $89.00

Sandskar $39.99

Nowadays when I see people turn up their nose at the suggestion of using Ikea, I have to restrain myself from lunging across the table and slapping them Mike Tyson style! Then I remind myself that chances are they just don't have a clue how to.

My design philosophy has always been the look for less. Erin McLaughlin said it best in her editors letter of the latest issue of Style at Home "Save or Splurge." She called it "real-life" decorating. It's coming up with your dream design and then finding a way to create the same look without spending a fortune. Really, anyone can drop a pretty penny on expensive pieces,but the reality is ,not everyone can afford to. That is where Ikea comes to the rescue!

When I walk into Ikea I'm like a mad woman after 5 days without caffeine! My goal is to transform those Ikea pieces, to make them mine by putting my own design ingenious stamp on them. I'm not alone in this endeavor check out there is a whole movement for achieving this on that site. When I'm done with a piece, the people who turned their nose up,have a whole different opinion about that fantastic store.

I've spent thousands of dollars on custom kitchens,and then for half of that I've bought Ikea. The difference? Other then the time it takes to sit down and come up with a plan ..... the big sum of nothing. If your one to poo poo this,why then are their kitchens always in at least one home featured on the pages of some of my favorite design magazines?.... You tell me.

One day when I sell this home,my plan is to build a spec home for one lucky family and finish it all with Ikea! I dare anyone then to turn their nose up,and if you do dare, I shall remind you of my Mike Tyson swing! :)

Here is another site featuring peoples Ikea designed spaces

Have a look at these great pictures of kitchens using Ikea cabinets. I think they are stunning!
I would love to hear any comments you have about the" Ikea debate."

hello painted!

painted again!

are you kidding me ....shut up!

double shut up/!!!

my personal favorite!


  1. I love Ikea kitchens! Not only are they good value, but they are soooo easy to do yourself. I also love all the gadgets and organizers that go with. No excuses for messy cupboards lol!

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